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Seaside’s leadership team consists of individuals with decades of financial and professional experience. Each senior leader came to Seaside with a proven record of success within their specific area of expertise. The members of Seaside’s Board of Directors are experts in their chosen professions, and are well-connected in the communities where they live and work. Together the leadership team and the board of directors established, and continue to execute on, Seaside’s successful value proposition and strategic plan.


  • gideon haymaker Seaside Bank & Trust

    Gideon Haymaker

    Founder & CEO
  • nancy elberg Seaside bank

    Nancy Elberg

    Director of Human Capital
  • barry griffiths seaside bank

    Barry Griffiths

    Chief Financial Officer
  • steve hayworth Seaside bank

    Steve Hayworth

    Vice Chairman-Director of Wealth Management
  • lara lee Seaside Bank & Trust

    Lara Lee

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • mike mcmullan Seaside Bank & Trust

    Mike McMullan

    Coastal Regional President
  • tim myers Seaside bank

    Tim Myers

    Central Florida Regional President
  • gary young Seaside Bank & Trust

    Dave Robinson

    Chief Credit Officer
  • kevin rogers Seaside Bank & Trust

    Kevin Rogers

    South Florida Regional President
  • hardy vaughn President of Seaside Insurance

    Hardy Vaughn

    President of Seaside Insurance
  • gary young Seaside Bank & Trust

    Gary Young

    Chief Operations Officer
  • tom oshane Seaside bank

    Thomas O’Shane

    Chairman of the Board
    Seaside Bank and Trust
  • chas bailes Seaside Bank & Trust

    Charles “Chas” Bailes, III

    Chairman & CEO
    ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
  • john cochran Seaside Bank & Trust

    John Cochran

    Managing Director
    Lovell Minnick Partners, LLC
  • glen davis Seaside Bank & Trust

    Glen Davis

    Retired Executive
    Former President & CEO, Schuff Steel-Atlantic, Inc.
  • michael fess Seaside Bank & Trust

    Michael Fess

    Founder & Owner
    Equity Partners, Inc.
  • brian golson Seaside Bank & Trust

    Brian Golson

    Managing Partner of the San Francisco Office
    Parthenon Capital Partners
  • gideon haymaker Seaside Bank & Trust

    Gideon Haymaker

    Founder & CEO
    Seaside Bank and Trust
  • steve hayworth Seaside bank

    Steve Hayworth

    Vice Chairman-Director of Wealth Management
    Seaside Bank and Trust
  • j thompson

    Jack Thompson

    Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer
    Pawson Capital Management
  • Ed Timberlake

    Ed Timberlake

    Chairman, Central Florida Advisory Board
    Seaside Bank and Trust
  • rick walsh Seaside bank

    Rick Walsh

    KnobHill Group
  • Christy Ashby

    Christy Ashby

    Editor, Publisher, CEO, Orange Appeal Magazine
  • Mark Israel

    Mark Israel

    President, Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.
  • Rita Lowndes

    Rita Lowndes

    Community Volunteer
  • alex martins

    Alex Martins

    CEO, Orlando Magic
  • tim Myers

    Tim Myers

    Central Florida Regional President, Seaside Bank and Trust
  • Ed Timberlake

    Ed Timberlake

    Chairman of the Central Florida Advisory Board of Directors
  • Ernie Bono

    Ernie Bono

    Retired VP, Prudential Insurance
  • Richard Brock headshot

    Richard Brock

    Tax Partner, BDO
  • Jannett Carey

    Jannett Carey

    Co-Founder & President, Client Legal Funding
  • james francis

    Jim Francis

    CEO, Mirco-ant
  • Brett Herman

    Brett Herman

    President, MaintenX International
  • William Klich

    William Klich

    Chairman, West Florida Advisory Board
  • Paige LeMay

    Paige LeMay

    Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • don roberts Seaside Bank & Trust

    Don Roberts

    Retired Banker
  • Price Schwenck headshot

    Price Schwenck

    Chairman, North Florida Advisory Board
  • jim stallings

    James B. Stallings, Jr.

    CEO, PS27 Ventures
  • Robert Stanell

    Robert Stanell

    Managing Principal, CS&L CPAs
  • Charlie Weed headshot

    Charlie Weed

    Retired Banker
  • Steven Calabrese

    Steven Calabrese

    Managing Partner & President, CRM Companies
  • Jimmy Dascani

    Jimmy Dascani

    CEO, Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida
  • Michael Frye

    Michael Frye

    Owner & CEO, RE/MAX Realty Group
  • Todd Gates

    Todd Gates

    Chairman, Gates Construction
  • Edward Morton

    Edward Morton

    Managing Director & Principal, Wasmer Schroeder and Company
  • Deborah Russell

    Deborah Russell

    Principal, Cummings & Lockwood
  • Aysegul Timur

    Aysegul Timur, Ph.d

    Dean, Johnson School of Business, Hodges University
  • Don Cohen

    Don Cohen

    CPA, President & Founder, Medreceivables
  • Frank Dolph

    Frank Dolph

    Founder, Dolph & Associates
  • Howard Goldstein

    Howard Goldstein, CPA

    Appelrouth Farah & Co., P.A.
  • Roberto Pelaez

    Roberto Pelaez

    Banking & Financial Consultant, Miami
  • Larry Rice

    Larry Rice

    Partner, RVG & Company CPAs
  • Norman Taplin

    Norman Taplin

    Esq., Taplin & Associates